The famous Healium is one of the companies using the platform.

Quite a lot of progress is being made in the use of virtual reality (VR) as a viable environment for certain types of treatment. XRHealth (formerly VRHealth) is a company that does just that. This week, she announced that her platform is now open to third-party developers. One of the first partners of XRHealth is Healium, a system designed to relieve stress based on brain waves and heart rhythm.

Stress is one of the main factors for various diseases, so Healium has developed a biometric controlled solution that is designed to reduce anxiety and stress. Using conventional consumer wearable devices, such as Fitbit, watches with built-in heart rate monitors or EEG armbands, users go through story shoots that they can control through emotions.

Healium is already taking VR relaxation apps, such as guided VR meditation, to the next level, not only putting users in a calm environment, but also giving them the opportunity to interact with stress-relief solutions.

“We welcome the great work XRHealth does to provide therapeutics in virtual reality to more people. Stress is responsible for 60% of all diseases, so Healium’s biometric stories are a natural addition to the existing XRHealth library, ”said Sarah Hill, CEO and chief narrator of StoryUP, the company that makes Healium, in a statement.

“Stress is a factor that contributes to the majority of fatal diseases,” adds Eran Orr, CEO of XRHealth.

“By reducing stress and encouraging a positive attitude, we promote healing, preventing future illnesses and allowing patients to live happier and more fulfilling lives.”

Healium is not the only company working with XRHealth. Others include Healing HealthCare Systems and VirZOOM, a fitness company that originally created a bicycle machine with a Bluetooth connection. The XRHealth solution controls user data so that doctors, supervisors and patients can have full access to how each decision affects the health of patients and monitor the patient’s world of VR and experience remotely.

The platform supports the Oculus Go, an autonomous headset that has become popular for multimedia consumption.

As XRHealth continues to expand and maintain its platform, VRcue will keep you updated.

XRHealth – controlled anti-stress VR platform

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