ImpulseVR becomes the official distributor of World of Tanks VR in Russia and around the world

The company announces the launch of the VR version of the world’s best-selling multiplayer game World of Tanks on the virtual reality platform ImpulseVR.

World of Tanks VR is the embodiment of the cult game about armored vehicles from Wargaming – World of Tanks, which has conquered millions of players around the world, designed for virtual reality halls with the maximum effect of presence. The player “sees” himself as a whole tank and, moving with the help of the VR headset commands, participates in epic battles, tracking opponents, shooting in sniper mode or in close combat.

In virtual “tanks”, players can take part in battles in the “all against all”, “2 on 2” and “4 on 4” modes. The battles take place on three maps with the participation of the light tank LTTB, medium T-144 and heavy IS-3.

Very soon, you can play World of Tanks VR and other games all over the world in more than 150 virtual reality clubs – ImpulseVR partners.

In addition to World of Tanks VR, the ImpulseVR platform offers several units of content, including the first interactive VR film, the Kessler Effect. Until the end of 2019, 16 more virtual games will be launched. ImpulseVR platform is available worldwide.

World of Tanks VR will be available on ImpulseVR platform

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