World of Tanks VR was created specifically for the LBE market, thanks to the special support of the motion controller, so that players can quickly and smoothly control, aim and shoot at military vehicles.

Arcades will be able to offer 2-4 multiplayer battles with three tanks (LTTB, T-144, IS-3), offering their own strategic advantages and disadvantages available at launch. So, the LTTB is light and nimble, but weakly armored, and the IS-3 is a giant beast with a lot of energy, but very slow. This makes the T-144 a balanced medium tank.

With the deathmatch and team deathmatch modes, you can choose from three realistic maps (mid-summer Citadel, a small winter monastery and a large winter wasteland) with hilly terrain with all kinds of obstacles, shelters and destructible objects. Matches are intended for high-speed gameplay, which takes about 8 minutes per session with an additional tutorial and 2 combat rounds of 3 minutes each.

Synthesis VR mentions on its blog that: “All LBVR operators will have access to the WoT VR license without a Synthesis subscription, making WoT VR available for every arcade game.”

Distributed directly through Synthesis VR’s content delivery network, World of Tanks VR will be available to hundreds of arcades around the world as early as Friday, September 13, 2019. To celebrate the launch, companies will host World of Tanks VR Global Arcade Invasion Day with contests and prizes.

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World of Tanks VR enters the arcade market

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