Tactile feedback can have all shapes and sizes when it comes to virtual reality (VR) use cases.

Ultrahaptics, for example, use ultrasound transducer arrays to project haptic feedback into the air, while Dexmo Enterprise Edition gloves use a more mechanical force-based feedback solution. A woojer is also suitable for a direct approach to immersive feedback, with several devices that you can tie to your body.

The Woojer has two main devices in its current lineup, a Woojer vest and a Woojer strap. They both vary considerably in price and design. While both are designed to provide a physical impact when it comes to listening to music, watching movies, or playing video games, the Vest is a flagship product with eight patented built-in sensors for surround sound.

On the other hand, the Woojer vest is very similar to a belt with two sensors. While you don’t get a full body immersion, the device is much more useful when it comes to providing tactile feedback from your music. At home, playing VR, you will feel this hum from your surroundings or when the sound becomes dramatic.

But Woojer came to E3 2019 not only to simply showcase his current projects, the company wanted to talk a bit about his two upcoming cases. Part of the new Edge series, Woojer plans to launch two Kickstarters campaigns in August 2019: one for the Woojer Vest Edge and the Woojer Strap Edge. These new devices will be much more consumer-oriented than the previous models mentioned, working on a two-channel stereo system, and not on surround sound.

In the interview below, Origin gives some details about the Woojer technology and what to expect from the next two devices.

VRcue will continue to cover Woojer, reporting when Kickstarter campaigns are activated.

Woojer – everything you need to know about tactile bass

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