When it comes to corporate use of virtual reality (VR) technology, one of the best is the ability to help teams collaborate on projects.

Although it is not always practical to have a fully attached VR systems in an office taking up space, the emergence of stand-alone devices has eliminated this problem. Wild is a collaboration platform for architectural and design teams that has just launched Oculus Quest support.

Wild allows teams, wherever they are in the world, to present their work on a human scale, which can be an invaluable factor for making decisions, finding mistakes and providing a valuable context for clients and stakeholders. Having added Oculus Quest support, designers do not need to be near their PC to view their work, or find a quiet corner in the office, and also be able to offer to use the device to customers.

The software allows you to combine in one experience up to eight people to meet in a fully synchronized virtual space, with cross-platform support via VR, augmented reality on iOS, desktop PCs and macOS. Wild offers custom sketching and annotation tools that are compatible with most types of 3D files and integrates with standard tools such as Revit, SketchUp, and other 3D workflows.

“Wild for Oculus Quest significantly reduces the complexity of cooperation in VR,” said Wild Gabe Paez, founder and CEO, in a statement.

“Our Oculus Quest app allows you to quickly and easily immerse your entire design team into the wild, as technical barriers melt. This simplicity will take the VR from the conference room to the workplace. With the help of virtual reality helmets, working together can lead to the achievement of perfection in creating projects. ”

Oculus Quest launched less than two months ago and already seems to have become a hit. With a starting price of $ 399 USD / £ 399 GBP for a 64GB model, the headset has allegedly already sold 1.1 million units, according to research firm SuperData, although Oculus itself never publishes sales figures.

For teams that want to test the collaboration tool, Wild offers a free trial version only for qualified teams based on an access request.

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Wild enterprise VR application adds support for Oculus Quest

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