The entire virtual reality community is looking forward to the 2019 game developer conference. And this is caused by many factors.

This GDC may well be the most significant, at least since 2016. This year, Oculus, Valve, Sony and HTC have made the final touches to their devices. Now VR is getting closer to the consumer, and everyone is excited about such an important event. 2017 and 2018, although full of events, did not have such significance.

But now in 2019, VR feels that it is again on the verge of something new. Perhaps we are waiting for virtual reality is not the second generation, but we are definitely somewhere in the middle of the road.

Last year, Oculus used GDC to announce the Go headset. At the same time, we received in-depth practical experience and a first look at the games before launching on the F8 in May of the following year.

We expect a similar development of events for the long-awaited Oculus Quest. We already know that at the exhibition we will see new demo for a stand-alone headset with built-in tracking 6DOF. This can be a great chance for Quest to show everyone what this device is really capable of.

But Quest is not all that we can see from Oculus at GDC. This month we found a code that seemed to confirm the existence of the Oculus Rift S. Rift S is rumored to be an updated Rift with integrated tracking and an improved display. He may come out even this year. Based on this, we very much hope that Oculus has more news for us prepared at GDC than Quest.

HTC Vive Cosmos

HTC also plans to introduce a more affordable headset to the consumer. At CES 2019, the company announced Vive Cosmos. This PC virtual reality helmet has an integrated tracking system. This is all that the company said at that time.

But not so tricky hints and teasing promise much more. HTC also allowed the use of a smartphone as a platform for Cosmos. This suggests that the device will be modular, which will probably allow users to replace components for the VR experience that best suits them in a given situation.
Cosmos is due out at the end of this year, and GDC is the perfect time to tell us a little more about it. This week Vive announced the day of the developer, which will take place on the first day of the show. There the company will present its roadmap for 2019. Expect Cosmos to play a big role in this.

Own headset SteamVR Valve

Oculus and HTC may not be very good at keeping secrets, but no one hides information as well as Valve. After launching Vive from HTC in 2016, we heard that the creator of SteamVR can present its own headset. Estimated images of the device spread on the Internet last year. GDC can be a time when information about it will be disclosed.

Sources report that the headset will have a viewing angle of 135 degrees. It can be bundled with the long-awaited Knuckles controllers and a game based on Half Life VR.

Now we have learned to never “expect” something from Valve, however, it may be worth now to revise our principles?
VRcue will continue to keep you abreast of news about one of the most important events of the gaming industry and virtual reality in particular – GDC.

Why GDC 2019 could be the most important event for VR in three years?

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