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For readers of the VRcue portal, the news is far from being that virtual reality has long been a part of today and is actively used in the largest variety of areas, without depriving attention and marketing. Today’s advertising campaigns are actively taking up the use of modern technology and do not even think to slow down. Such campaigns cause genuine interest among the public and are well remembered.

On April 24, CYBER RUSSIA held a closed event for leaders and experts of the marketing industry and content creators with a discussion of real-life cases and the exchange of best practices using VR / AR elements. The founder of CYBER RUSSIA, Roman Povolotsky, director of educational programs and CTO, Daniel Manakhov, and producer Artyom Barinov, shared their experiences with the participants of the meeting and spoke about the most interesting applications of modern technologies.

The first performance began with general information about virtual reality and its position today. The technology still has a number of problems that prevent devices from becoming widespread throughout the world. Despite this, a number of areas are already successfully using the capabilities of VR, both in brand promotion and in the development of simulators, education, engineering and medicine.

In addition to general information about the state of affairs of VR-helmets, what problems the technology is facing now and what is waiting for the virtual reality in the general perspective, the speakers reviewed many cases of real use of mixed and augmented reality, video mapping and 360 ° video. We will show you the most interesting videos that were shown at the event:

Machine vision Google ARCore.

An advertising campaign from Burger King, where free snapper relied on the “burning” of advertising competitors.

World League Championship of Legends, where the characters in AR act on a par with the real K-Pop performers.

The project “CYBER RUSSIA” was founded by technological entrepreneurs Roman Povolotsky and Artur of Austria on December 3, 2016. Six months later, the list of founders was added to Daniel Manakhov. The project is developing software using virtual and augmented reality technology, professional and additional education of children and adults, as well as computer literacy courses for older people.

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What was at the meeting of the Cyber ​​of Russia VR / AR in marketing

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