We know more about the new VR Oculus Rift S!

Late last year, we reported a rumor of a new virtual reality headset. Indeed, there was talk of an Oculus Rift version 2.0 called Oculus Rift S. However, this rumor had not been confirmed by the American firm. Meanwhile, new information showing interesting features have reached us, which foreshadows an upcoming release …

Oculus Rift S, a code that confirms the helmet?

After the announcement of the release of the Oculus Quest autonomous VR headset, another rumor about an update of the Oculus Rift had circulated. Since then, no news, has not commented on it. However, our colleagues in Upload VR have discovered a confirmation of the project Oculus Rift S, which allows to know more about the new features of this headset.

Specifically, this rumor was discovered by exploring the code of the software Oculus for PC. This code tells us that the Oculus Rift S might have a setting to adjust the camera lighting to adjust to the ambient light. This setting confirms the rumor that the Rift S would be equipped with position cameras, and would no longer need external sensors to offer position tracking. As a reminder, the classic Oculus Rift requires several external sensors to detect the user.

That’s not all. Indeed, another setting was discovered by Upload VR, allowing to adjust the interpupillary distance directly in the helmet software. Thus, it will no longer be necessary to adjust it by hand, which will allow increased precision and better immersion. Also note that the Oculus Rift S would be equipped with a screen with a higher resolution than its predecessor, with a field of view of 140 ° and technology allowing eye tracking. However, no news of a wireless device …

An update more than a new device

If we believe the rumors, the Oculus Rift S is actually an update of the Rift more than a new VR headset per se. A good idea, since the device had not been improved since 2016. It is also possible that the price of Rift S is sold cheaper compared to the Rift. However, we can regret the lack of news, which leaves thoughtful about the ambitions of in the RV …

For now, this headset has not been confirmed by yet. However, given this information, we can assume an output of the current device 2019 …

And you, do you intend to buy this VR headset signed as soon as it’s released?

We know more about the new VR Oculus Rift S!

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