The hospital uses a platform for the spine and orthopedic training.

FundamentalVR has been concentrating on the medical side of virtual reality (VR) for several years, launching its surgical training platform for basic surgery in 2018. The company announced this week that its software has become part of the educational process of the orthopedic training program in London.

Fundamental Surgery was used by the St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to provide orthopedic training. The technology was installed at the GAPS center.

The platform allows trainees to test and hone their skills by scrolling through the procedure script over and over. Then, using the live panel of basic surgery, both trainees and professors can view their work, as if they were seeing the progression of the interns.

“We are delighted to have integrated Fundamental Surgery into the GAPS center, as well as to have a group of orthopedic trainees go through the program, having experienced full hip joint arthroplasty (PTHR) on the machine for the first time,” said Omar Sabri, NHS Foundation Trust consultant University Hospital of St. George and a leading consultant on integration into the program in a statement.

“Thanks to this integration, interns can now demonstrate the skills they have learned using this technology and reflect it in their educational portfolio and the inter-university surgical curriculum project. This, together with the endorsement of King’s College, is just the beginning for the Fundamental Surgery platform and the team’s efforts to integrate it into all surgical training programs across the country. ”

It is a real-time assessment on the compact, low-cost hardware.

“Our educational platform has tremendous long-term potential to enhance surgical training throughout the NHS, in pursuit of better patient outcomes,” said Richard Vincent, general manager of FundamentalVR.

“The implementation is another proof that our tactile simulations provide a virtual environment that can help provide access and help with training.”

Fundamental Surgery is a hardware agnostic platform designed for use with any laptop, VR headset, or tactile device. It allows users to experience an experience as close as possible to a real surgical procedure, imitating the same sounds, visual effects and feelings. This is facilitated by hapticvr, FundamentalVR’s patented technology, which allows interns to sense the movement and interaction of tissues, muscles and bones.

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