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Profiting from any form of virtual reality (VR) implementation is not the easiest way, especially when it comes to location-based entertainment (LBE). There are several companies that solve this problem in several directions. Zero Latency, for example, accommodates large storage spaces for work, while Virtuix enhances the virtual reality experience with its omnidirectional treadmills and VR Arena. Entermission is a new player for the virtual reality industry that seeks to further expand the industry by bringing players closer to profit for the LBE business.

Entermission is committed to providing an engaging experience in virtual reality on a room scale that does not require operators and a large number of expensive areas. The brand achieves this with the help of tactile feedback chairs – Buttkicker LFE haptics, to be more precise – they are all installed in a tight arrangement, without interfering with the gameplay. Combined with chairs, Entermission uses HTC Vive Pro headsets as well as Leap Motion hand tracking to solve puzzles.

The named modules are designed to work in one area. They can also generate environmental influences, such as wind, heat, and odor generator, programmed to synchronize with the sharpest moments in a game or virtual reality experience.

“Many virtual reality games were created by fans of VR technology and game companies, but none of them touched on the main problems that escape room operators are struggling with,” said Crystal Ho, founder and CEO of Entermission in a statement.

“With Entermission, we have unlocked an affordable, cost-effective, easy-to-use solution.”

Although Entermission may be a new company, Crystal Ho is not new to the industry. She already owned and managed an escape room franchise called Escape Hunt in Australia and New Zealand since 2014. Then, in 2017, she became the co-founder of the virtual reality gaming area in Sydney, Australia.

The company currently only operates in Australia, Entermission is looking for escape room operators and other interested LBE companies seeking to enter the growing VR market.

As the company continues to expand, VRcue will keep you informed.

VR specialist Entermission introduced a new way to dive into VR

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