Gazprom Neft – Lubricants, based on the G-Energy Academy, introduced virtual reality simulators to train employees in public speaking skills. Specialized simulation will help employees to improve the competencies that they need in their daily work: at meetings, conferences and other events.

The technology allows you to immerse a person in a realistic virtual environment, where the learner needs to perform in front of digital viewers. The VR simulator gives a feeling of complete interaction with a real audience: virtual listeners use gestures to react to the performance, assess visual contact, distraction to foreign objects, the speaker’s purity of speech and the presence of parasites in it.

Evgenia Vysheslavova, Deputy Director General for Human Resources, Gazpromneft – Lubricants:

“To learn how to work with any audience correctly, you need to overcome fear and uncertainty, which are experienced by about 95% of all people who are faced with the need for public speaking. Often, it can be difficult for many to overcome themselves in reality, which is why our new VR simulator is able to quickly improve public speaking skills without immersing the speaker in a stress-free environment. At the same time, the learning process is significantly reduced in time, and the efficiency increases markedly with respect to the use of classical training methods. ”

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VR-simulators of the company “Gazpromneft – CM” will help overcome the fear of public speaking

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