Points of virtual reality HTC Vive Pro Eye, belonging to the class of corporate business devices, have been officially certified by the Federal Communications Commission. This means that the novelty will be able to sell freely in America and its electromagnetic radiation is absolutely safe.

In addition, obtaining this certification usually indicates that the device is about to appear on the local market.
The FCC documents do not indicate the clear name of the Vive Pro Eye, but it is clear that we are talking about them. The unique identifier of the organization certificate for HTC is 2q29200, and for the Vive Pro it is 2 Q29100. Similar numbers indicate their similarity.

The same drawings presented in the certificate indicate that the technical characteristics of virtual reality glasses have virtually no differences. The only exception is the oculographic equipment from Tobii. It allows you to collect a huge amount of information about where the user looks most often, which is useful for both sight-driven interfaces and for analyzing the medical and behavioral states of the user of virtual reality glasses.

VRcue reminds that at the moment virtual reality glasses HTC Vive Pro do not have a specific release date. According to HTC, the device should be released in the second quarter of 2019. The cost of new items is unknown, but it will be above $ 800.

VR glasses HTC Vive Pro Eye certified

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