The project is being developed in St. Louis, Missouri. The Kickstarter campaign was launched on March 4th and will end on April 3rd. About 49 sponsors recently allowed an iPhone case to reach a target of $ 5,000.

The company is called HoloRealm VR and uses the iPhone 8+ for rendering and Apple ARKit for tracking. The company said in a statement that they use “extra sensors” in the headset to improve position tracking accuracy.

“Our technology provides highly accurate tracking of players in rooms ranging from 30×30. The size of the location depends on the lighting area and the number of sensors that are used. ”

It is important to note that this is the first project that is centered around Apple’s iPhone. Kickstarter page at the same time reports that the developer will present its first arcade in the coming weeks.

Recall that the experience gained in any case will not correspond to high-end virtual reality. There is also the cost of the system on which the device operates. For comparison, the iPhone 8+ is about $ 700, and the upcoming Oculus Quest is $ 400 per headset.

A custom iPhone holder and ARKit VR-based headset is definitely an intriguing perspective. But we can not talk about the quality or the likelihood that the project on Kickstarter will collect the required amount.

VRcue will continue to keep you updated on the latest project developments.

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