The first Festival of entertainment, culture and art in a virtual, augmented and mixed reality will be held from May 24 to 26 at the Main Stage site in Moscow. The latest achievements in the fields of AR / VR will be presented at VR FEST Moscow with a demonstration of the most advanced products and technological developments.

For more than 20,000 visitors, the latest attractions, games and quests are provided. In the “cinema-360” zone, there will be screenings of the best programs of dome cinemas and the first achievements of immersive VR cinema. Expo-zone will present advanced products and developments for various areas, from tourism to entertainment. Outdoors will be DJ performances, board and pixel games, test drives of the newest vehicles, exciting contests and much more.

The main theme of the festival is Digital-art. Visitors can familiarize themselves with the use of the latest visual technologies, visit the exhibition of installations and art objects of leading galleries of modern art and artists, as well as dive into the world of “living canvases” and find themselves inside the paintings.

As part of the business program will be a discussion of the possibilities of using virtual technologies and their further development. Speakers include developers and integrators of VR / AR programs and applications, cultural and art workers, representatives of ministries and departments, scientific experts, and also 3D-mapping studios. They will share the most interesting cases and discuss a wide range of issues, including the ethics of using the latest digital systems and cyber security.

VR-FEST is going beyond the edge of reality and a bold decision to look into the future, which has already arrived. It’s time to realize it.

The venue of the festival: concert hall and exhibition Main Stage, Moscow, st. Sharikopodshipnikovskaya, d.13, p. 33.

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VR FEST MOSCOW: everything about virtual reality and man

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