Over the past few years, a festival such as Tribeca and Sundance have demonstrated that virtual reality (VR) is relevant for cinema. For the first time, the Taiwan Film Festival is coming to the UK this week, and thanks to the collaboration between HTC Vive, Art Cinema and MSI, the VR concept was created for the premiere of a Taiwanese VR film called The Deserted.

Created by award-winning Taiwanese director Cai Ming Liang, The Deserted:

“Tells the surrealistic story of a man living in a ruined house in the mountains with two ghosts and fish. Recovering from illness and unable to communicate with ghosts, his only companion is a lonely fish that swims with him in the bath. ”

The VR pop-up cinema event will be held at Asia House in central London. To demonstrate the experience will be used by the computer MSI 20 with HTC Vive Pro. Min-Liang collaborated with Taiwanese architect Rayn Woo to create a movie that included visual clues from the Deserted film set, representing the area between permanent reality (the outside world) and temporary reality (the movie screen), Purgatory, the space between the living and the dead elements of the film.

“Art-cinema is delighted with working with the Taiwan Film Festival and assisting in the production of the British premiere of“ The Deserted ”by recognized director Cai Min-Liang. This film aims to bring the most exciting experience to a variety of audiences, ranging from D’auteurs movie lovers to the most savvy researchers of virtual reality areas, ”said Art Cinema founder Miriam Blundell Phillips in a statement.

Public screenings of the film “The Deserted” began on April 4, at 11 am. There will be a total of seven shows a day, with the exception of the last day, April 8, where the final show will take place at 5 pm.

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VR-debut of the film “The Deserted” will be held on HTC Vive

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