VR Cover is one of the leading companies that manufactures ancillary accessories and produces some of the highest quality face pads, and other inserts in order to improve comfort and hygiene when handling a virtual reality helmet. With Oculus Quest, which will be launched next week on May 21, manufacturers are, of course, preparing for a new product line.

At the moment they have both cotton and foam pads for the face, which can replace the original. The pillow included in the Oculus Quest kit is very comfortable, but it absorbs sweat and moisture very quickly. VR Cover has two solutions for this.

First, it is a 100% cotton cushion that simply overlaps directly on an existing face pad to absorb sweat and moisture. You can purchase a set of two cotton covers for $ 19, and they are 100% washed in a car with a breathable cloth, so you no longer have to wear a dirty headset.

Then there is a slightly more expensive base set of foam and interface (pictured above) for $ 29. Each set includes a plastic front interface and a pair of leather replacements: one standard and one version for “comfort”. Both foam pads prevent light from leaking out, ”according to the website.

“Switch between them to find the best fit and immersion. The comfort version with its thicker, wider pad helps to distribute the weight of the device better. For consumers with glasses, this solution will also work. ”

The nice advantage of recruiting is that you can quickly remove it between uses, which is great for corporate users who have fast turnarounds and a lot of customers. Or if you want to bring a device to a family event, where many people can try it.

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VR Cover unveiled replacement covers for Oculus Quest

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