VR Cover started in 2014 with a few VR enthusiasts. Hygiene problems were evident early on, as the foam was slightly sweaty, oily and not very pleasant to share. Five years later, there is still a lot of demand for the team’s products, because every VR eyewear in the market requires a matching cover, as the eyewear manufacturers continue to rely on a foam that is comfortable but quickly becomes a sponge becomes.

Hygienic solution for VR nerds

There are several VR Cover products to make your stay in Virtual Reality as hygienic as possible. There are coatings and complete spare parts, which are made of PU leather. We are particularly fond of the PU leather solutions because they can be quickly cleaned with a cloth and are easy to apply. So the cover almost never needs to be replaced, but it is enough to disinfect it regularly. Since we work with the HTC Vive Pro in our VR arcade, the complete set of VR covers has proven itself, as it covers all critical areas. You can find this here.

Quest slim_4

Privately, I do not use a VR cover for every VR glasses, but I have permanently attached a PU leather cover to my Oculus Quest. Although the cover is not quite as soft as the original, but you can safely take the glasses to any VR session and hand around. The cover for the quest can be found here.

VR Cover currently offers solutions for the following headsets:

Oculus Rift S

Oculus Quest

Oculus Go

Oculus Rift

HTC Vive

HTC Vive Pro

Valve Index

Windows Mixed Reality

Samsung Gear VR

Here you come to the shop, where you can order all covers. The price usually ranges between $ 19 and $ 29.

Note: VR-Nerds is regularly provided with new products by VR Cover.

VR Cover: Hygienic Solution for VR Nerds (Sponsored Post)

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