Is it possible to create a VR application without having programming skills? With the tool mobfish VR STUDIO this is made possible and with the application mobfish wants to make virtual reality accessible to everyone.

VR app in 5 minutes without programming

How much easier would it be to bring customers closer to quality and corporate culture if they could just be there?

How much easier would it be to convince customers of the sustainability of products if they could see the supply chain? And how nice would it be if all friends had simply been there on holiday trips?

Anyone who has already seen 360 ° media on Facebook or Youtube or is dealing with VR glasses knows the solution: 360 ° photos and videos!

The mobfish company uses its tool mobfish VR STUDIO to create stand-alone apps based on 360 ° images and videos, which can be used on almost any device. And all this without writing a line of code.

How does the mobfish VR STUDIO work?

The mobfish VR STUDIO software works on the modular principle and is completely browser-based. So it is not necessary to install any bulky software packages. As a new user you can register on and start directly in a trial phase and create VR worlds.

Following the drag & drop principle, 360 ° media can be dragged into the editor. By means of so-called “hotspots” the media can be extended by many different interactive elements.

For example, a scene link hotspot may lead to another scene, and audio hotspots may tell a story.

Here you can see how the process works:

Export your VR app and publish on all relevant platforms!

The mobfish VR STUDIO offers PRO users an export to all relevant VR platforms. With just a few mouse clicks, you can export your own app and publish it for example in the PlayStore or Apple App Store and other stores.

At the moment the mobfish VR STUDIO supports the following platforms:

  • Android and iOS
  • Oculus GO & Quest / Pico / GearVR
  • HTC Vive & Oculus Rift
  • Windows Mixed Reality
  • Web VR

In contrast to an in-house development, this solution does not need to worry about the support of future platforms. mobfish continues to optimize and develop the VR software, making sure it always supports the latest VR formats and platforms.

Examples of VR applications

mobfish offers its customers to export white label apps. This puts the studio in the background and companies with their app and their own branding in the foreground.

EU – BEAM ME UP – Get to know the European Union!

“The best way to learn a complex and abstract topic is to experience it! The app is the perfect complement to political education in schools and EU information centers. “EU beam me up” conveys empathy for the institutions and their representatives by accompanying a guide from idea to vote. “

This app is available for free in the Android or iOS Store.

Lostfriesland 360 – Welcome to the Land of Legends

“Discover mystical worlds and uncanny stories of the region on the North Sea in 360 °. Let yourself be carried away by the magical places and gloomy legends of East Frisia and find out what the legends have to do with the disappearance of the “Lost Frisians”. “

This example can be downloaded from Oculus, Android or iOS Store.

Your idea as an interactive VR Experience

Are you interested or do you have great ideas on how to use your 360 ° media with the mobfish VR STUDIO? Then do not hesitate to register for a free trial phase. In the trial phase, you have the opportunity to fully test the mobfish VR STUDIO (except for the export of apps).

VR app in 5 minutes without programming (sponsored post)

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