Volvo invests in the Varjo VR headset after testing its XR-1 prototypes to test drive virtual cars on the road.

The XR-1 is a “video headset” promising for “visual parity” between augmented reality and existing elements. The headset should be sent to customers at the end of this year.

According to Varjo:

The basic technology makes photorealism of a video guide possible. This means that the device uses cameras to digitize the world in real time, and then multiplexes to the GPU with virtual content to show the result to the user. The Varjo VR-1 is the only high-resolution device that makes a seamless virtual world that visually blends into the real world, and the XR-1 has unique camera technology capable of displaying high resolution with imperceptible latency.

Volvo has released a video showing the headset and their technology for visualizing early system designs.

The headset promises to allow users to “smoothly switch between mixed reality and full virtual reality modes” with depth sensors to display real objects.

“XR-1 allows you to explore photorealistic mixed reality in full view. With XR-1, virtual objects seem as real as everything in the physical world. They can even cast shadows or make reality lights. Black objects appear really black, opaque objects really block real or virtual light, and translucent objects refract light from the real world. ”

We have seen some demos from the Varjo in the past with its VR-1 headset providing impressive resolution enhancements.

VRcue will continue to talk about XR-1 to its readers.

Volvo invests in Varjo to use the XR-1 on the road

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