This year will be important for HTC Vive. The company will expand its ecosystem through a number of different areas, directly for customers through headsets, such as Vive Cosmos and Vive Focus Plus, as well as providing more third-party devices with access to Vive Wave and Viveport.

If we talk about the latter, it is worth noting that today HTC Vive announced a collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies, which is aimed at pre-integration and optimization of Vive Wave for XR stand-alone headsets and 5G Qualcomm smartphones. By working together with Qualcomm and HTC Vive, OEMs who choose to use Qualcomm Snapdragon mobile platforms can integrate Vive Wave into their stand-alone VR devices. In addition, HTC Vive can create a ready-made XR solution for OEMs smartphones to access the Viveport app store, offering consumers a growing content library through XR glasses tethered via USB Type-C.

“Thanks to this collaboration, we work together to create and expand the ecosystem for the global XR industry, quickly and easily creating mobile VR headsets. In the interests of both device manufacturers and developers, these collaborative efforts with Qualcomm Technologies serve to quickly accelerate the adoption of new virtual reality glasses around the world and expand content distribution points for developers through Viveport, ”says Raymond, Product and Strategy Manager, HTC Vive .

It will also benefit OEMs that support 5G networks and HTC Vive and Qualcomm technologies that provide optimized growth solutions for the XR ecosystem using Vive Wave and Viveport.

“At Qualcomm Technologies, we are striving to transform the XR industry, and our collaboration with HTC Vive is designed to help speed the adoption of XR among consumers,” said Hugo Swart, head of the XR branch at Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. We are pleased to work with HTC Vive to attract Viveport to OEMs and global carriers. This will ensure low latency and realize the high-speed potential of 5G, as well as provide an unprecedented XR experience. ”

Based on Android, the Wave Wave Platform was created specifically for stand-alone, virtual reality glasses. The platform was used on six headsets from partners such as Pico, iQiYi, Shadow Creator and DPVR. When more headsets that support the Vive Wave platform come out, VRcue will let you know.

Vive Wave platform will be compatible with XR and 5G smartphones Qualcomm

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