Video: HoloLens 2 teaser

Heated interest in their products, IT companies periodically go to extremes. For example, Microsoft in the teaser video about the new HoloLens, at first glance, did not say anything definite. Judge for yourself:

Beautiful and clearly not cheap 3D animation, however, makes sense. The video was published by Alex Kipman, a company engineer who leads the project for augmented reality glasses. At the end there is a clear date. This suggests that the teaser shot for a quick presentation at the MWC and, at the same time, that the presentation at least partially devoted HoloLens. Compaction of silicon crystals may indicate a change in the computing system to a more modern and energy-efficient one, although this will not come as a surprise if we recall which Intel Atom glasses are now working on. Carbon fiber can be a hint of a new, lightweight body material.

Video: HoloLens 2 teaser, which says almost nothing

The video confirms the rumors that Microsoft will devote a presentation in Barcelona at the end of the month to second-generation HoloLens glasses. This is a long-awaited update of the hardware platform, applications for which even in the current, very limited version make thousands of developers around the world.

In preparation for the MWC, the Redmond team can tease us with a couple of such teasers. If you notice something in them that escaped us, write about your findings in the comments.

Video: HoloLens 2 teaser

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