Vicon will also showcase the latest features for the upcoming Shōgun 1.3.

The Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2019 read virtual reality exciting times. Today, motion capture specialist Vicon announced that he will be at an event in San Francisco to showcase two new updates, one for his VR-based Positioning Device (LBVR) System Origin, and the other for its upcoming Shōgun 1.3 motion capture technology .

Vicon launched the Origin system last summer during SIGGRAPH, offering a complete solution for tracking movements in VR, which is directed to the commercial market. Used by companies such as Dreamscape Immersive and VR Arcade, the solution proved to be quite good. To demonstrate the latest system improvements, at GDC 2019, Vicon will challenge the guests and invite them to play Shadow Shifter, an experience designed specifically for this event.

Players will become a controller in a physical video game, where two players must simultaneously work together to collect coins. Participants are equipped with six active Pulsar clusters and are monitored by 20 Vicon Viper cameras. Players need to match their body shape with what is displayed in front of them. Top gamers will get on a special leaderboard with the best results.

“Although Origin is less than a year old, we have only begun to scratch the surface of its enormous possibilities. At GDC, we want to give visitors a practical demonstration of how Vicon is developing its leading LBVR system, while still having a little fun, ”says Vicon CEO Imogen Moorhouse in a statement.

Shadow Shifter also takes advantage of recent Origin enhancements, such as Evoke software, tracking and embedding Nova, the active strand set, which contains a set of sensors that can turn any real object into a game prop.

In addition to Origin, participants will be the first to take a look at the upcoming Shōgun 1.3 update, scheduled for launch later this year. Daily demonstrations will highlight new features, including real-time reassignment and high-quality finger grabbing. To help with the demonstrations, motion capture artist Gina Williamson will star in the role of Ciri from the popular video game The Witcher from CD Projekt Red.

As Vicon continues to improve Origin and more and more institutions are using technology, VRcue will continue to tell you more about the activities of this company.

Vicon controller debuts at GDC 2019

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