The solution allows customers and developers to interact in virtual reality.

We live in a constantly connected, 24-hour world where customers can be both local and international, instantly able to connect with project teams. This can be especially tough for developers who can work on the ordered project, and the client wants to make continuous changes regardless of the time of day. By entering into the reality management system Varwin (Varwin RMS), the customer will be able to make major changes in virtual reality, while the developers can concentrate on a lot of material (or go to sleep).

Varwin RMS is a workflow optimization between studios and clients based on Google’s block visual language, which presents the concepts of coding as blocking blocks. Developers can create a library of objects with predefined logic, allowing customers to make simple changes to projects, such as moving the location of a specific item or changing its color.

Like developers, customers have access to the platform, since such updates are delivered automatically and applied instantly. Developers can then focus on tasks that require specific skills, such as coding, and unqualified clients can use the free Varwin sample library to customize the design to their liking.

“VR is not yet massively used by the business, because the client cannot manage content without developers, and everything depends on the suppliers. Thus, the production of VR is still expensive, time consuming and inflexible. The same thing happened with websites many years ago, until CMS appeared. Varwin Reality Management System (RMS) will make VR accessible to everyone. The world changes when information can be managed by its owner, not by a programmer, ”says Alexey Dovzhikov, CEO of Varwin.

Enterprise use cases of virtual reality solutions have massively increased over the past couple of years, with global brands and companies using technology for training, advertising and more. And they need experienced VR developers to help bring their ideas to life. This is usually a complex process, because ideas can change constantly, so a system like Varwin RMS can be a useful mediator.

Since Varwin has just launched an open beta, interested parties can download the software for free. For more information, visit the Varwin website.

As the platform continues to expand, VRcue will keep you updated on the latest developments.

Varwin Launches Open Beta for VR Reality Management System

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