On Thursday, March 21, at 12:45 pm Pacific time, Valve representatives plan to make a presentation on the platform in West Hall 2011 during GDC 2019. Topics will include a global market analysis, information on upcoming multiplatform network APIs, first look at features, updates and more.

Another interesting point is the report entitled “Steam Business Update (submitted by Valve)”. His announcement mentions the names of Tom Dzhardino, Cassidy Gerber, Alden Kroll and Ricky Uy. The topic is stated as “business and marketing”, and VR is not mentioned anywhere. However, VRcue believes that the company did not mention virtual reality solely for the purpose of information security.

With the unfinished new controllers, probably close to completion, and the recent leak of information about the VR headset the company is working on, there are very many reasons for condemnation. Not to mention the standard updates and information you expect to hear at such an event.

We will not predict in advance, but updating the VR games they are working on would be great. When the headset was drained, we also heard from several sources that the company is developing the Half-Life VR game, which should come out with it. We hope that we are waiting for an official announcement at the GDC.

Since Oculus has already announced that it will introduce Quest, and HTC – Vive Pro Eye (and, hopefully, Cosmos), GDC 2019 will be the ideal time for the official announcement of something big.

VRcue will give you the latest news from GDC. Stay with us!

Valve will talk about “new features and updates” for Steam at GDC

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