Valve’s goal is for the first batch of Index to arrive in the hands of customers on June 29th.

We saw reports appearing in different places from early buyers seeing order status changes while waiting for the delivery of the Valve Index VR headset and its new controllers. Although we don’t know when the first deliveries could begin, a Valve spokesman said that “our goal is for the first wave to arrive in the hands of customers on June 29.”

Valve is actively adding support for its controllers to existing games by releasing software updates last weekend for PC-based titles. Updates will continue to appear on an ongoing basis to provide official support for the new Valve Index controllers for the maximum number of games.

As an example, look at Tilt Brush with the integration of Index controllers:

A full set of VR Index costs about $ 1,000 with base stations tracking 2.0, regulators and the virtual reality helmet (HMD) itself. For people who already have lighthouse base stations that come with HTC Vive or Vive Pro, HMDs and controllers can be purchased for about $ 750. Interest seems to be quite high, and if you order controllers and Index HMD today on the Valve website, you can only deliver it in October.

For those unfamiliar, Valve’s tracking technology has been used in HTC Vive since 2016 and in Vive Pro since 2018. The Valve Index works with the second generation of SteamVR tracking technology, as well as with new Valve controllers. The developers have been working on Index controllers, previously known as Knuckles, for many years. They changed with each new version and, in their final form, can use new types of interactions – such as the sensation of picking up and dropping something or playing stone, scissors, paper with a robot.

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Valve plans to “deliver to home” the first batch of Index June 29

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