The new device from Valve themselves, who are the creators of Steam and SteamVR, literally shocked the fans of virtual reality. New images with the words “Update your experience. May 2019 ”did not leave anyone indifferent.

You can learn from them that the official announcement will take place already in May and that HTC faces a difficult struggle for primacy in the world of virtual reality. Especially considering the fact that the game master himself – Valve took up the matter.

If we talk to analyze the photos submitted by the company at the time of the announcement, we can conclude that the new product will have manually adjustable inter-pupillary distance.

Two cameras on the front panel can be a tool for displaying augmented reality or provide integrated tracking.

On the case, you can see symmetrical spots of slightly brighter plastic. This may well mean the presence of integrated infrared diodes for corporate tracking SteamVR. This means that the device can please everyone.

Eating a closer look, next to the button supposedly intended to turn the device on and off, there is something like an LED or a microphone.

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