Valve finally added Index controller support to its popular VR demo, Lab. But that is not all.

The creator of SteamVR today announced an update to Lab. Lab was a free experience that was launched with HTC Vive in 2016. Introduced in Valve’s Portal universe, the app features several different mini-games designed to demonstrate the potential of VR. To this day, it remains one of the most polished and enjoyable VR games on Steam.

In fact, this is the first major application update in almost three years. The headliner of the update is support for the new controller input system from the Index virtual reality helmet on SteamVR. Yes, that means Lab now includes full support for index finger tracking for controllers. It also allows you to reassign actions on any given controller to find the configuration that is optimal for you.

In addition, a practical revision of the physics and interactions of the laboratory was completed. Valve says that almost every object in the game now physically responds to your hands. This means that you cannot freely take, say, a mug of coffee. In addition, the object will be repelled by your hand, as if it were a physical object. Items, of course, can also be picked up and reproduced in all the ways you expect (including, according to Valve, they are broken).

Steam Audio support has also been integrated in this update, resulting in improved spatial sounds. Valve also promises optimization improvements, upgrading the game to a modern version of its engine. Thus, the game will be able to work in higher resolution. In addition, support for various frame frequencies (except 90 Hz) was added. This means that Index owners with powerful computers will be able to fully experience the immersion in virtual reality.

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Valve integrates controller support into popular demo in VR

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