If you are looking forward to the announcement of the start of deliveries of Valve Index, then this news is for you!

The virtual reality helmet will go to its owners in the UK within 4-8 business days paired with Index controllers. This is ideal for people who already have base stations left over from their HTC Vive for £ 689. The full Valve Index VR bundle, which comes with the new Index base stations, costs £ 919.

Remember that your original Vive base stations will be able to track the Index and the controllers from it. But the new Index base stations allow you to expand the playing space and arrange across the area of ​​your room more stations synchronized together. You can always buy Index and controllers now, and then upgrade your base stations, which cost £ 139 each, if you feel the need for them.

A complete kit began shipping in the United States a few weeks ago. Most of the individual components in the UK can now be ordered immediately, so a full set of virtual reality helmets should be expected in the near future. You can also order only a headset without controllers and base stations. The controllers themselves from the Index virtual reality helmet are still in the reservation stage. This is a bit confusing to potential buyers.

Recall that Index is one of the best new virtual reality helmets in 2019. It can be expensive for the buyer, but it offers some of the most striking visual effects in VR, crisp sound, and the best tracking to date.

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Valve Index with controllers already delivered in the UK

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