Take a look at the complete set of Valve Index.

It certainly was a year of virtual reality (VR) surprises, especially when it comes to new hardware. One of the largest Valve presented, presenting the Index headset in March. In anticipation of the launch of the new VRcue will be more likely to share details about the Valve Index, but at the moment, you can take a look at the video unpacking to warm interest.

As expected from Valve and the headset for £ 919.00 GBP / $ 999 USD, presentability means a lot. There are no cheap materials, only a solid exterior and a two-layer design. Nearby are the Lighthouse Base Stations 2.0 beautifully in their recesses, the excellent Valve Index controllers (the hinges were much more attractive) and, of course, the headset itself with a small box containing a quick setup guide that fixes the HMD in place.

Under it is the center of the cables, with power adapters for the headset, as well as one for Base Stations. There are also USB-C cables for controllers and wall mounts for Base Stations. As you will notice in the video below, during the first inspection you may not understand what a soft thing is in the center. This is a cushion for the back of the mount. Not so much for comfort, because the Valve Index is already convenient – as for those who have a small head to ensure maximum fixation.

As previously reported by VRcue, the Valve Index was designed with high accuracy. This is a premium expensive product that was created to impress.

The demand for a new product has already been high. Customers who place their orders on the first day of sales will start receiving their devices starting from June 28. If you make an order now, you will have to wait until September.

VRcue will continue to monitor the Valve Index, reporting on the latest updates.

Valve Index: unpacking – VR geek

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