Now you can order a complete set of Index VR, which will be delivered “immediately”, according to Valve Corporation.

Consumer demand for the Valve Index bundle “outpaced” the original supply, according to the private company Bellevue. For example, the company delivered the kits this week, although users ordered them back in early May. However, at the time of this writing, Valve estimates delivery of an order placed today is four to eight working days.

Below is a statement from Bellevue, explaining the availability of a VR headset with an Index PC connection. The Valve Index kit comes bundled with everything you need to play and dive into virtual reality for about $ 1,000 with base tracking stations, a virtual reality helmet (including powerful speakers) and a pair of Index controllers that provide more intuitive interaction in some games downloaded from the Steam store. Valve.

According to Valve:

“Users were asked to reserve their equipment, since the new kits were in production. Starting today, orders with fast delivery are already available to customers in the US, and a similar announcement will be published for other US SKUs, as well as in other international territories. All previous orders will be completed soon. “

Developers continue to update games with the support of Index controllers on an ongoing basis. We are also still waiting for details about the upcoming Valve VR flagship game. The unnamed project should come out this year for SteamVR-compatible headsets, but most likely it will be a project with deep integration with the Index and perfect synchronization with virtual reality helmet controllers.

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Valve Index – supply ahead of demand

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