Facebook may dominate the news this week thanks to the headset announcement that occurred on the F8 2019, but this did not stop Valve from doing everything possible to pay attention to its device – Index Valve. This is not just a virtual reality (VR) device that was developed by Valve. According to rumors, the Seattle-based company is working on three new VR games. Finally, a very small piece of information was released.

Valve finally made contact and confirmed that one VR experience is expected to arrive at the end of this year. Described as a “flagship VR game.” In the typical manner of Valve, there are no other details about the video game: neither the name, nor the genre, nor the price, nor will it even be the first new IP or an already remake of an existing one. But every avid gamer has his fingers crossed and hopes that this is a Half Life VR. All that the representative confirmed is that he will support any Steam compatible headset, so the list of supported devices includes Valve Index, Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift S, HTC Vive, HTC Vive Pro, and Windows mixed reality headsets.

Although the support is extensive, the game certainly should be something that demonstrates the features of Index from Valve and proprietary controllers in the best light. Half Life may be Valve’s most famous brand game, but not the only one. Portal, Left 4 Dead, Dota 2, Team Fortress 2, Artifact and of course The Lab are just some of the other video games the company is known for.

Until Valve decides to release additional information about the video game, we just have to spend time deciding whether the new headset is worth the money. There is a range of prices for the Valve Index, depending on the HTC Vive kit, which you may already have. The headset itself costs $ 499, but the kit does not include controllers or a tracking system – so this kit is suitable for Vive owners. For those who begin to learn virtual reality from the very beginning – or who wants to buy the latest and best – then you should purchase a complete set that will be sold for $ 999. Deliveries of the device will begin on June 28.

VRcue will continue to talk about the latest updates from Valve, stay with us.

Valve: “flagship VR-game” will appear in 2019

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