Valve’s presentation at this year’s GDC 2019 revolved around the digital distribution platform Steam and its associated growth thanks to introduced features. The subject VR was only briefly touched on, hoped for news remained for the time being. Nevertheless, the technology continues to be the focus of the company. Corresponding updates are to follow in “not too distant future.”

Valve at GDC 2019 – VR updates postponed

Steam has seen continuous growth over the past decade, driven by a host of well-established features.

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Valve’s presentation revolved around the growth curve at GDC 2019. New events and a visual reworking of the game library await us as well. Exciting insights and insights into a big company, but leave the VR enthusiasts sullen.

Steam Overhaul GDC 2019

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After all, hopes were great to hear about new software or hardware from the company. According to rumors, announcements and leaks, Valve finally has more than enough in the pipeline. From the prototype of VR goggles, over the acclaimed Knuckles controller up to three ominous large VR titles and even Half-Life VR is currently being speculated.

Instead, the topic of virtual reality within the GDC presentation is only briefly mentioned as a feature. Expected updates were missing. Nevertheless, there is hope, as Valve’s VP of Marketing, Doug Lombardi, promises to upload VR that technology remains the company’s focus:

“We still see VR as really important, we still watch how many people are adopting the technology. Very soon, or at least in the near future, we will be able to talk more about … what is happening on Steam in the past, present and future around VR. But it will not be at GDC 2019. “

We can be curious when the promised “not too distant future” occurs. The company’s yardsticks could be weeks or months. VR enthusiasts need to continue their patience for the time being.

Valve at GDC 2019: VR news stay out; Update should be in “not too distant Zuk …

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