The Valve Index is one of the coolest VR headsets right now. Or at least for the most part. However, it also has flaws, the virtual reality helmet is overheating quite strongly.

We have seen several reports about headset warming after long gaming sessions. In our experience, this has never been enough to cause anxiety, but others say it provides fogging problems. To combat this, some device owners took up modding, using Valve files that were recently provided. Several people went to Reddit to show their designs, removing the front panel of the headset and installing small fans inside. Then they connect to the USB port on the front of the device to power them.

User Reddit mikeski21 has one of the most popular designs. They showed a 3D printed front panel to accommodate the Noctua NF-A4x10 5V, a premium silent fan.

“The heat is not so bad, but after an hour of play, the headset remains quite warm,” they wrote, “the fan should be very quiet, and the lens cover will still continue to maintain the appearance of the headset (I may have to add 4 small 3x3mm magnets, to keep the gap large enough for the air flow). ”

However, this is not the only design. With a little sticking, Sandcracka was able to integrate two fans into the headset.

The user 1AndyJarosz, meanwhile, managed to build two fans into the front panel of the device ..

Of course, if you are not familiar with the equipment for modding, we really do not recommend to mess with your Index. $ 499 is a large enough amount to spend it again by chance, no?

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Users modify Valve Index – VR geek

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