US pilots will be trained in virtual reality

At the moment the project is at the experimental stage, but it can become a permanent case if completed successfully. Thanks to this case, the United States plans to train at least 1.3 thousand new army pilots per year. This event should take place by 2021.

Foreign news agency Aviation Week told that this is the decision that the leadership of the US Army recently adopted. According to the source, the military forces of America are already actively experimenting with the training of military pilots. This will speed up their preparation and provide better learning information.

It is worth noting that American aircraft are experiencing a rather large deficit in pilots. Although the training of a military pilot is a rather complicated process, virtual reality can accelerate it, ensuring the growth of fast and professional personnel.

With the help of a VR program, future pilots will be able to quickly memorize the location of the levers and controls. Only after the VR-training of the future pilots will they finally be allowed to enter the real aircraft, which they will control. With the help of virtual reality technology, UH-60 Black Hawk, CH-47 Chinook and AH-64 Apache pilots will be trained.

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US pilots will be trained in virtual reality

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