Until You Fall: VR adventure announced by Schell Games for 2019

Developer studio Schell Games (known for I Expect You To Die among others) announces the new VR adventure Until You Fall, which features dungeon crawler, RPG and rogue-like elements and is designed for a mature sword fighting system. The VR title should appear in 2019.

Until You Fall – VR dungeon crawler RPG with rogue-like elements will be released in 2019

In Until You Fall, numerous genres meet to shake hands in virtual reality. So the players in dungeon crawler style are to wander through dungeons and caves, in order to facilitate the creatures living therein around their Loot. RPGs typically reward you with rewards that enhance your character. To make enough of a challenge, the developers of Schell Games still scatter some rogue-like elements. It is said to come to the game over more often, but still create continuous level progress, so that the players remain on the ball.

The main focus of the upcoming gameplay should meanwhile lie on a sword fighting system, which contains numerous finesses. In the fight against nasty monsters, humanoids and mythical creatures, in the upcoming VR adventure, you will reach for your virtual blade to kill the adversaries. Each player should be able to fall back on a variety of sword techniques to find his own personal style of play. A compulsory realistic physics engine should come into play as well.

Jesse Schell, CEO of Schell Games, describes the upcoming VR title as follows:

“We combine different types of swordplay to create an intense combat experience in real time. An experience that has never been seen in VR. With years of VR experience, we believe we’ve created a game that transcends borders, giving players a truly immersive near-battle experience they’ve been wanting for a long time. ”

Until-You-case Schell Games Oculus Quest

Image courtesy: Schell Games

So far unknown is, for which VR glasses the new VR title should appear. Since the developer studio is one of the listed devs for the Oculus Quest, a release for the upcoming VR glasses seems quite realistic.

Until You Fall should appear in 2019.

Until You Fall: VR adventure announced by Schell Games for 2019

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