Ultrahaptics announced a “strategic deal” with Leap Motion to unite its start-ups and technologies. Wall Street Magazine reports that Ultrahaptics bought the company for $ 10 million.

Combining the two technologies, Ultrahaptics will have the ability to use both tracking and tactile feedback to provide a sense of touch in certain types of products. Ultrahaptics “designs ultrasonic tactile sensation control at the hands of consumers” while Leap Motion tracks finger movements. Some VR-based virtual reality arcades, like those from Void, use this kind of tracking for spectacular and exciting effects. We will be interested to see how Leap Motion will be used in combination with Ultrahaptics. Perhaps we can see more environmental immersion effects integrated into various entertainment or educational initiatives.

Leap Motion has had an early impact on the developer community and early users with a USB-connected sensor that can track hands without the need for a portable controller. Despite the fact that over the years it has received many software updates that have improved the performance and quality of the interaction, the Leap Motion device has never been widely distributed. Some virtual reality helmets are equipped with USB ports that can be connected to a Leap Motion sensor for integrated hand tracking. The consolidation of the two companies has some strategic meaning, since the first VR and AR headsets have not yet integrated any of the technologies into the core of their platforms.

We are also interested in what this can mean for the North Star project, an open source AR helmet that supports Leap Motion. It has a wide field of view for an AR device and built-in hand tracking.

VRcue continue to keep you posted.

Ultrahaptics buy Leap Motion – VR geek

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