More famous for its immersive video production studio, Pixvana announced a new partnership with the ultra-luxurious cruise Seabourn to provide a virtual reality training (VR) solution for its waiters.

Seabourn turned to VR and Pixvana because of the unique problem with personnel training on their ships.

Since ships are almost always loaded and occupied either by clients or the cleaning team, one of the biggest obstacles was the training of personnel to be able to master the massive 105 table serving station 12 and the canteen with restricted access.

So Pixvana created and launched a VR training solution, TableVision.

“We turned to Pixvana professionals who were engaged in everything from creative design to post-production and headset sales. The end result is a fully adapted learning experience that not only saves time and money on training and development of Seabourn, but also provides employees with a more attractive, efficient and affordable opportunity to learn, ”says Seabourn, a leading specialist in training and development of the fleet.

Using SPIN Studio, Pixvana performed a quick 4-hour shooting on the set. Then, during the post-production, more than 300 assets were used, including branded, switchable graphical notes over the tables, helping employees feel as if they were walking through a dining room with interactive elements that help perception even more.

“Pixvana is the only VR company in the world that offers customers access to both the award-winning creative services team and their own VR platform. By creating an individual VR learning experience that uses VR over-awareness, empathy and immersion — we can maximize the involvement and retention of enterprise employees, ”says Rachel Lankham, COO of Pixvana.

Pixvana will continue working with Seabourn to create experiences for learning and development. As soon as Pixvana tells about other VRT training projects, VRcue will tell you about them.

Ultra-luxurious cruise Seabourn plunges waiters into virtual reality.

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