The system is sold complete with a headset and is a business decision.

The campaign that delivers solutions for wireless virtual reality (VR) TPCAST ​​has made a name for itself, helping consumers free their HTC Vive and Oculus Rift from binding to their PCs. Thus, you would not think that its second-generation technology, TPCAST ​​Air, would be a natural part of stand-alone devices, such as the Oculus Go. But this is exactly what the company has now launched across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

In fact, TPCAST ​​Air for Oculus Go makes it easy to connect your computer to a wireless headset, providing it with the ability to quickly and easily display content.

Designed for industries such as construction, engineering, architecture and interior design, as well as education, the device can support various 3-DOF or 6-DOF stand-alone VR headsets, but is aimed primarily at Oculus Go.

TPCAST ​​Air was demonstrated during CES 2019 and began shipping to the Chinese market in February 2019. It supports multi-user applications, so in various entertainment venues (LBE), such as VR centers, you can use technology to stream content instead of users carrying bulky backpacks. TPCAST ​​has even mentioned plans to support Oculus Quest in the future.

“TPCAST ​​Air greatly simplifies the setup process, eliminating the need for external sensors or similar tracking equipment. By combining the best of both worlds – high-quality rendering of content from a PC with an excellent display on an easy-to-use TPCAST ​​headset once again made an important step forward in improving the quality of VR for enterprises, ”says Rainer Pece, general manager of EMEA, in a statement.

Today, TPCAST ​​Air for Oculus Go is sold as a single user system, which means that you get TPCAST ​​Air and an Oculus Go headset for € 569 including VAT. Since the system is for business use only, the kit can be ordered through an authorized distributor of TPCAST ​​Schenker Technologies. Business inquiries can also be sent to

With the advent of stand-alone headsets, TPCAST ​​needs to change its business, as companies are starting to put a heavy load on the all-in-one and easy-to-use VR devices.

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TPCAST ​​Air for Oculus Go starts shipping to stores in the EME region

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