Yesterday the German Computer Game Award 2019 in Berlin was awarded. Also our game Tower Tag was nominated in two categories and could bring the price for the best game design to Hamburg.

Tower Tag wins the German Computer Game Award for Best Game Design

The Tower Tag Arena Hamburg

Overall, Tower Day prevailed over 272 submissions and convinced the 32-member jury. Our title was not only against other virtual reality games, but also against games for all systems. Accordingly, we are very pleased to be able to show that Virtual Reality will continue to be an exciting and relevant topic. So we look forward with pleasure to the coming months, in which we will develop further content for our laser shooter.

The fact that the award for the best game design is particularly important to us is due to its definition. According to Wikipedia, game design, in relation to the overall process of game development, includes all the subtasks required to create the game vision and game world. Depending on the game, narrative and interactive elements are combined with each other.

Depending on the target group, ethical and psychological aspects are taken into account and included in the game planning. Also, the Zuarbeit in terms of marketing aspects of the product is often one of the tasks of the game designer.

Tower Tag is exclusively playable in virtual reality arcades and should be understood as an experience for a group. Accordingly, thrilling 3v3 tournaments can be held in the VRHQ in Hamburg’s Speicherstadt.

Trüberbrook won the prize for the best game from Germany and God of War was awarded as the best international game.

Special thanks go to our developers and artists who have spent the last months and years of their lifeblood in Tower Day, to all the helpers in all tournaments and events and to all who join us in the future of Tower day believe.

Tower Tag wins the German Computer Game Award for Best Game Design

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