With Tower Tag, our development studio brings together Virtual Reality and Laser Tag, providing a unique experience for groups in arcades and similar facilities. But even if the game is already very advanced and could win the German Computer Game Prize this year, does not stop the work behind the scenes. Today, we proudly announce that version 2019.1.2 is now available to all customers.

Tower day version 2019.1.2 released

The new update not only fixed some minor bugs but also added new features. So the operator can now see if all microphones are activated (a known problem of the HTC Vive Pro) and the action camera can now also switch directly to the first person perspective, in order to make the experience even more exciting for the spectators. The complete list of all changes can be found here.

Tower Tag can only be played in arcades and other public facilities. For example, you can book a session with friends in Hamburg in the Speicherstadt in the VRHQ, or participate in the workout on Wednesday. All information about the booking can be found here.

If you do not come from Hamburg, then take a look at our website for the game. Here you will find a map showing the current locations.

If you are interested in installing Tower Tag in your shop, feel free to contact us. A test period of 14 days is free for all interested parties.

Tower day version 2019.1.2 released

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