An exclusive experience for Oculus Quest called Vader Immortal: Episode I exceeded 1000 user ratings in just two weeks from the moment the device was released.

Oculus Quest is a standalone VR headset for $ 399 all-in-one. This means that it does not require or use a computer. Think of it as the first wireless VR console.

Why are 1000 ratings significant? The most popular applications on the Rift – for example, Robo Recall – gained 6000 reviews. Robo Recall was released in early 2017. It was provided free of charge to every Rift user who ever bought Oculus Touch controllers, and even today is one of the most popular single-player platform games.

For a $ 10 paid application on Quest, which has already received a 1/6 rating, it seems that indicates that Quest is selling pretty quickly.

Of course, this does not tell us anything about actual Quest sales figures. The relationship between the number of people who rate the application and all those who bought it varies greatly by product.

Although Quest has two separate storage SKUs on Amazon, these SKUs have been at the top two positions in the virtual reality headset for Amazon PC for several weeks. Why the helmet is located in the PC category, we do not know, but there is an assumption that the headset sells well compared to actual PC VR devices.

In January of this year, the Oculus Android application passed over 1 million installations. The Oculus application is necessary to configure Oculus Quest and Go and can be used to install applications on them, as well as to manage settings. It can also be used to view the Rift store and remotely install games on your computer.

On Oculus Connect 5, Mark Zuckerberg claimed that 10 million users per headset (Rift, Quest and Go) will be the point at which the VR ecosystem will be self-sustaining. But before this medium-term goal is reached, Facebook’s VR headsets will first have to reach 10 million users combined. When the Android Oculus application hits 5 million users, assuming that the iOS user base (which does not report installations) is similar, this should result in a total amount that brings us to this milestone.

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Top game for Oculus Quest scored 1000 rankings for 2 weeks

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