Originally designed for HTC Vive, the Google Tilt Brush has become one of the best creative virtual reality apps for absolutely any user. Over the years, support has expanded to cover headsets such as the Oculus Rift. Today, Google announced that Oculus Quest will be added to this list this spring.

Oculus Quest version of Tilt Brush will be the first time that Google has released an application on a mobile device, offering almost all the functionality of a PC version. Google Product Manager Elizabeth Morant says in a blog post that:

“Compromises were made during the development to ensure smooth operation of the brush. Most of our work on porting Tilt Brush to Quest is focused on improving performance. ”

Some parts were not completely transferred:

“We eventually removed some functions that depend on the device connected to the PC, for example, Audio Reactive mode, which depends on access to system audio,” adds Morant.

Plus, some of the more visually impressive effects have been reduced, such as flowering, which is now fading.

But it will be the first time that artists have complete wireless freedom to create, and they can still upload their creations to Poly and share them.

“Tilt Brush is designed for creators — be it a casual draftsman or a professional artist,” says Morant.

“Over time, we saw that the product was being used as we could never have imagined. The possibilities are endless and we just scratched the surface. ”

Having a Tilt Brush on the Oculus Quest will certainly be a blessing for the headset and one of the few real-world applications for the device. After all, the vast majority of content is video games, such as Apex Construct, Space Pirate Trainer, Robo Recall, Creed: Rise to Glory and Moss. It appears that Tilt Brush can also be a startup application. Many hope that the Oculus Quest release details will be released at the end of the month during the F8 2019. If they are, VRcue will let you know.

Tilt Brush will be available on Oculus Quest

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