The Wizards: PSVR release will be released in early March 2019

The release of the console version of the VR adventure The Wizards should, according to the latest news from developer Carbon Studio originally still end of 2018 for PlayStation VR (PSVR) appear. However, the release was delayed and was postponed to February 2019. Now there is more concrete information from those responsible, according to which the long-promised PSVR version of the VR title should appear in early March.

The Wizards for PlayStation VR (PSVR) – VR Adventure will be released in early March 2019

The console adaptation of the magical Action VR title takes players to the world of Meliora to play the role of a powerful magician. This will be part of an epic tale of time travel and heroic battles, while in the fantasy world you will encounter numerous creatures and mythical creatures, such as ancient dragons.

The adversaries are met with a variety of spells. So there are six elemental attack groups and arcane arts ready, which can also be further developed. To trigger the attacks an immersive gesture mechanics is used. With the associated PS Move controllers the desired patterns are drawn into the air, whereby the elements unfold their effect. This causes, among other destructive flashes or searing fireballs, which can be unleashed on the enemies.

The wizard-PlayStation-VR PSVR

For locomotion optional teleportation or a free movement variant is available. In addition to the action elements, it is also necessary to solve occasional puzzles and also for a replay value is ensured thanks to modification cards. In addition, you can let off steam in an additional Arena mode against numerous opponents properly.

An official demo version of The Wizard for PlayStation VR (PSVR) has already been demonstrated at Gamescom 2018. According to local testers, this should not provide bonus content compared to the PC version, but score points with intuitive controls and well-implemented gameplay. Graphically, the first-person adventure is quite successful, as a first video proves:

The Wizards is due for release on PlayStation VR (PSVR) in early March. An exact release date should follow soon.


The Wizards: PSVR release will be released in early March 2019

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