On June 15, the continuation of the City Z zombie shooter, which has already attracted the attention of gamers to virtual reality in Russia, became available in all Anvio VR clubs. Anvio team significantly improved the gameplay, added 7 new levels and made the monsters even more insidious and taught to attack in response.

In the game City-Z: Survivors, the action begins on the roof of one of the skyscrapers

Moscow City. The helicopter that was supposed to evacuate the heroes from the danger zone to

the previous game, crashes. Now they have to get to the secret

laboratories in one of the towers of the complex and survive, making your way through the army

hungry zombies.

Apocalypse, ruined Moscow and quite a bit of hope that you can

get alive to the lab. Players must be resourceful because

alone to fend off enemies will not work. In the game you need to fight desperately for your

life, as the opportunity to remain unscathed after contact with a zombie has become

less. Who will survive and win this battle? It all depends on the courage of the players. Before

You open panorama of the city, which leads the war for survival.

“City-Z. Survivors “- a team game for fans of active hostilities.

Players will be offered an impressive amount of firearms and

melee weapons. The game consists of several levels, which include

open and closed spaces, movement at high altitude and frightening

dark corridors. All this makes the new product Anvio unlike the presented

on the market for content on VR games. It is impossible to distinguish the game from reality! it

you must live and feel …

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The virtual reality club Anvio pleased all fans of shooters with a new VR-game – “City -…

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