The Valve Index is currently at the top of the list of best-selling Steam products. Well, it is in the USA at least.

The new SteamVR headset is currently crowding out similar Gloomhaven and Earth Defense Force 5 kits for first place. In particular, this is the complete package at the top of the list, complete with controllers and base stations. Please note that the list of best-selling Steam products is based on revenue, not units sold. Given that the complete set of Index costs $ 999, it’s actually not so surprising to see him at the head of the top.

Meanwhile, a bundle worth $ 749, including Index and controllers, took 28th place. We have not seen this product in the top 200 Steam sales before. We could not find a new “device” from the studio Valve in the list of the top 100 headsets, although we really wanted to. Valve has not yet shared sales information Index. In fact, we do not even know whether the results of an advertising campaign will ever be shown. After all, even the sales statistics of the partner project HTC Vive has never been transmitted to the media.

Perhaps this jump is associated with a new wave of Index headsets preparing for shipment. Valve just processed another “round” of headset payments, which was ordered before September.

This is not always the case. Globally, Index is third on the list right now, right behind PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS and Gloomhaven. At the same time, in the UK is 225th place. We assume that such a strong jump in ratings is due to the fact that people do not want to take risks with delivery abroad. Recall that the temporary production Valve Index, located in the United States.

We think Index is a great collection. The headset itself is an excellent “upgrade” compared to other headsets, and the Valve Index controllers provide a new level of interactivity in virtual reality. Valve says it is preparing to launch a “flagship” VR game this year. We still can not understand what it will be like from itself.

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The Valve Index is currently leading the Steam sales chart (in the US)

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