The Nintendo Labo VR headset is an intriguing piece of kit for the right audience. But, whoever you are, it’s easy to get tired all the time to keep this thing in front of your face. The Nintendo Labo VR Headstrap Bundle fixes this.

Sweet Proof Gaming last week released an additional kit that does not require changing your Labo. The company mainly makes pens for game controllers, but very accurately noticed the opportunity to do a good deed here. The device is equipped with two adjustable straps that will cover your head. Currently, the standard Labo VR headset needs you to hold it in front of your face. You either do this with two Joy-Con controllers attached to the side of the switch, or by holding the headset itself. With this unofficial add-on, you can rest your hands.

The company says the belts will work with a Joy-Con connected to the switch. Right now you can add your name to the backup list to get a kit when it becomes available. It costs $ 13.99 and should work with the Toy-Con add-ons included.

This is a cool idea, although not as bright as the amazing Zelda mod we saw for the kit.

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The unofficial Nintendo Labo VR Headstrap will ensure your hands rest

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