Many gamers and just PlayStation VR users have been waiting for this momentous day, when Sony is announcing the latest news for immersing new virtual worlds. But what if you want to buy a new VR experience right now? Well, today is a good day for hunting, because the annual spring sale started on PlayStation Store.

The list includes classic games that make virtual reality on the console really significant. These include including “Arizona Sunshine”, which, as a rule, appear in most sales. One of the best available zombie shooters comes with a fairly substantial 64% lid, dropping in price to £ 11.59 GBP.

The list includes other games: Carnival Games VR, Dick Wilde, DOOM VFR, Driveclub VR, Eagle Flight, Fruit Ninja, Here they Lie, Archangel, Castlestorm VR Edition, Catch & Release, Red Matter, Transference and Rez Infinite. Some games are pretty amazing to see in this list, but it has everything you need.

That’s not all, because the list also includes new VR games, such as the award-winning Astro Bot Rescue Mission, competitive team-based multiplayer Firewall Zero Hour, mind-blowing A Fisherman’s Tale puzzle game, Apex Construct bow shooter and Space Pirate Trainer.

The sale continues until May 1, but be careful, because some games will leave the sale before May 1, and new games will be added to it. In addition, the PlayStation Video was included in the spring sale, so you can purchase the film advantageously to watch on the headset.

All these video games will help pass the time while you wait for games like Concrete Genie (to be released this fall), Dreams (release date unknown), Five Nights at Freddy’s VR horror: Help Wanted and epic looking No Man’s Sky (this summer). VRcue will continue to talk about PlayStation VR games, reporting on the latest hardware and software announcements for a very popular headset.

The time has come for the spring sale of PlayStation Store

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