Equipment specifications have not yet been disclosed.

This week was certainly focused on the Oculus and its two Quest and Rift S headsets (especially the latter), but at the beginning of the year, the HTC Vive dominated the market, announcing the release of Vive Cosmos and Vive Pro Eye. While the Vive Pro Eye went on sale, the HTC Vive did not release any additional information about the other headset, originally viewed as a rival to Oculus Quest. Details have now become known that indicate that Oculus Quest will be released in Q3 2019.

Anthony “SkarredGhost” Vitillo, developer of virtual reality (VR) and blogger, recently visited HTC headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan, and met some of the HTC Vive engineers and project managers. Naturally, he touched on the topic of Vive Cosmos due to the complete lack of information from the company since the initial announcement.

In fact, Vitillo ran into a wall of silence, trying to gather even the smallest information about the device – especially when it came to specifications. But it was not a complete dead end. A spokesman for the company said that HTC Vive Cosmos should be released in about Q3 2019, but it is unclear whether it will be a developer kit or a consumer version. Initially, according to rumors, the development kits were released earlier this year, but this did not seem to happen. HTC reported:

“Everything is a little different from the schedule announced at CES due to the improved headset.”

Another interesting information was the connection options. The company said that the HTC Vive Cosmos is not an all-in-one device, while the first announcement testified about the possibility of connecting a smartphone. But HTC stressed that Vive Cosmos is designed for PC. And yes, Cosmos will connect to the computer via the DisplayPort connector, but when Vitillo asked about the new VirtualLink protocol, he received a positive response. Of course, no further details were provided on how the two options would work.

Even if the Vive Cosmos is a wired headset, it will also receive a wireless adapter.

When HTC decides to provide additional information about the Vive Cosmos, VRcue will tell you about it.

The release date of the HTC Vive Cosmos has become known.

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