Game support continues to expand with the success of Feelreal.

In the past, virtual reality headsets (VR) were often considered accessories when it came to PCs or console games (this is no longer a problem). Companies that then tried to make additional accessories could have difficulty in promoting in such a niche market. So it was originally for Feelreal and its VR masks when the company launched an unsuccessful funding campaign in 2015. But the market has changed since then, and it certainly demonstrates that the latest Kickstarter campaign dedicated to Feelreal has now been completed, reaching a factor of seven times its initial funding target.

VRcue reported last month how the Feelreal campaign easily reached its target of $ 20,000 USD in the first hour, continuing to collect just over $ 75,000 in 24 hours. For the remaining 29 days, the team managed to total $ 140,794 from 561 supporters, clearly demonstrating that VR fans want to feel the wind / warmth on their faces and feel the aroma of any VR experience they play.

Thanks to the success of the campaign, Feelreal has now added additional support for video games, including guided meditation VR and Mind Labyrinth VR Dreams, while also teasing with another project:

“After the success of the Kickstarter campaign, developers of some of the best VR games and experiences turned to us. Closing legal issues will take some time, but today I can give you a little advice: in the next VR game with Feelreal support, there are zombies. And a lot of sun. ”

With the completed campaign on Kickstarter, Feelreal will now focus on another important job – mask delivery.

“Right now we are making a Feelreal VR mask. We will provide perfect quality and guarantee that the first devices will be created on time! According to initial estimates, the delivery will begin in August if no problems arise in the next few months. ”

Feelreal Multisensory VR mask is capable of producing various aromas, water mist, cold / warm wind, vibration and tremors. There are a total of 225 fragrances available for the mask. The device will be attached to the bottom of the headset, including the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR, Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Go.

As Feelreal continues to make progress, bringing the device to the market, VRcue will keep you updated on the latest developments.

The power of smell made kickstarter a breeze for feelreal

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