Fitness games have always been a fad that never reached its full potential. But VR seems to really transform life, activating players and forcing them to return to the sport. PSVR user Jeff Bowman, for example, has managed to lose 30 pounds in the past six months with the help of Beat Saber and several other games.

Bowman recently shared his progress on Reddit. He describes his success as a “six-month fitness trip,” which began after the launch of Beat Saber on PSVR in November 2018. For five nights a week, Bowman spent 45 to 60 minutes playing active VR games. At first it was just fun at Beat Saber, but he added the load through the Creed: Rise to Glory and Knockout League boxing games.

“The truth is … I have a PSVR for games, I didn’t think about fitness beforehand,” Bowman says.

“I was not sick of obesity, but I admit that I was not happy with the way I look.”

Bowman had already tried VR before buying a headset, but it was the Beat Saber that triggered his experiment.

“Starting from the release date, for 6 months I adhered to the routine of mostly VR cardio and did not make any other changes in my life (no changes in diet, general activity level outside VR, alcohol consumption, etc.) to see what effect can be achieved from pure VR. ”

I think that from the picture that Bowman shared, it is clear that this had a great impact.

“I just expected that I would not gain so much extra weight over the winter. I figured that maybe I would get increased stamina without any aesthetic changes in my body, but the results were much more radical! I am fully convinced that VR cardio is an absolutely viable exercise, especially if you are tall, like me, or lazy and unmotivated to work … just like me. “

So, what advice does Bowman have for those who want to use VR as a tool for losing weight? Quite a lot, actually.

“Form is everything,” he said.

“Beat Saber, if you consider it a purely video game, is actually a valuable exercise … it’s turning your wrists up to the beat. Just as a weightlifter must adhere to the right technique, you must adhere to the style of play that makes the game more physically demanding. ”

This includes using the full range of hand movement and proper inclination to avoid danger zones. But he also believes that this needs to be brought to other games.

Warming up and then maintaining a high body temperature is also crucial. Bowman says that you first need to do less intense exercises, and then move on to more difficult things. Also, do not waste too much time in the menu between levels.

Perhaps the most important point of Bowman is finding the right games.

“If you hate Star Wars, EDM and rhythm games … Beat Saber is probably not your choice, and there’s nothing wrong with that,” he said.

“There are so many other games available on all platforms, and therefore it is so important to learn how to change your shape in games in order to maximize movement.”

Wise advice, do not you think? Playing sports is the dream of any lazy gamer.

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The man lost 30 pounds playing Beat Saber

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